For the opening of a few doors, the store is lucrative, but the real estate agents let you believe that the papers they process to seal the lease is complex and the prices are justified. This is especially so if you want to extend the agreement. This time they don`t need to open doors for you, but they`ll still ask 15 days to a month`s rent as a broker for the papers (although they have nothing to pass on!). Even if you knew the owner reasonably well, she and the owner are in the clutches of the agent until you stay in the house. It can be expensive. 9) Can a person with a power of attorney (POA) be involved in e-registration if the owner is outside the country? Yes, yes. The holder of the POA may be the licensee of the property. The registered lease agreement has the name of POA as a licensee and not the name of the owner. During printing, page numbers should not be assigned.

All parties to the agreement should be signed by both parties. In case of correction, the parties must retaliate with their initials. On the last page of the agreement, on which both parties sign next to their names, left thumb prints must be affixed and photos stuck. Pan numbers for both parties must be noted next to the names. Thanks for the information Arathi. Can we, instead of registering it, the lease and license agreement, printed on non-judicial paper, notarized certification bodies? Your advice is appreciated. I am unemployed and I want to start an office for the holidays and the license, how do I start, so that I can get work and earn money and who can teach me is somehow This data entry is the most important step since the information entered here is what is accessible at the time of registration. Make sure that the information entered here matches the information entered in the signed contract. The stamp and registration department has clarified that it is not mandatory for every citizen to take the assistance of selected agencies for e-registration or electronic filing of documents. Citizens can very well go directly to the SROS, get help from the supporters, as they normally do now, or do it on their own. The amount of stamp duty is 0.25% of the total amount of the monthly rent paid for the period – of the non-refundable down payment – 10% of the refundable down payment – not.

years (or part of it) of the agreement. Online Leave – Lic Check-in at your door. No need to visit Sub Registrar Office Mob 9920 21 9668 e-mail: Please send me your email ID to send me a copy of the proposed standard lease. Service charge Rs 1500 only . CONSER. IN – MAKE YOUR OWN RENT AGREEMENT is an innovative and automated platform for registered leases. Calculate your rental fees with just one click on Stamp Duty Calculator. For each consultation, call us: `91-9834927237 For registration e of the aadhaar rental agreement and PAN number is mandatory.

If a party has given the power of attorney (POA), the contract must be accompanied by a photocopy of this agreement. The photocopy can be done again on the other. Copies of the licensee/DUE licensee`s PAN cards, the licensee and the photographic cards of the two witnesses must be attached to the agreement. Photocopying of all IDDS can be made on paper or from the back.