Does the Residential Premises Administrator/Westbank First Nation have the authority to resolve rental disputes? After her husband`s death in April 2018, she continued to live off the property and paid the rent to the WFN in accordance with the rental agreement. How does a tenant inform their landlord that they want to end the lease? A tenant can end his rent with a landlord by a notice of termination of the lease with a period of at least one month. This notice must be carried out in a manner established in accordance with Section 84 of the Housing Act 2008-03. No, the administrator and the West Bank First Nation are a neutral party in all rental matters. The role of the administrator is to facilitate the conciliation/mediation process so that disputes can be heard formally. No no. The WFN Wohnbaugesetz monitors all rental issues on West Bank land. The Residential Housing Act has a similar framework to the BC Rent Act, although it is different in some sections of the act. The documentation of the BC tenant branch is generally considered non-admitted and without effect, unless an arbitrator decides otherwise. The WFN Council and staff continue to monitor the housing situation in the event of a pandemic. For more information, see In 2016, the couple applied and was agreed to participate in a WFN housing program and spend $US20,000 to renovate a property before obtaining a lease for housing contracts with an option to purchase with permission that they could occupy the house, according to the documents. A landlord has 15 days to return the deposit to the tenant (or part of it if there is another agreement). If the landlord does not repay the tenant`s deposit after fifteen (15) days, the tenant can apply for an arbitrator`s order to return the deposit.

When does a landlord have to repay a tenant`s deposit after the lease expires? She argued that they have limited the means and do not go anywhere else when they are deported. She has lived in the area for 15 years and wanted to pass the property on to her children. Did you know that there is another contract used to buy and sell a home on Westbank First Nations („WFN“) Lands? The model contract, used by real estate agents to purchase and sell homes in the B.C. land system, assumes that the land will be purchased and sold.