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You may change due to air traffic control limitations, weather conditions and operational requirements. With the introduction of this business management tool, which has been used by IT departments for more than a decade, travel management experts are working to make it relevant. Companies define the performance and level of service they expect from suppliers, with financial incentives and penalties that will be included in the agreement. One of the advantages of ALS, Smith noted, is that they offer a clear understanding of what both parties appreciate. For example, if a customer expects their MCT to be judged on how they implement the company`s preferred supplier agreements, that would be the case in ALS. We also offer an option for selected people in your organization to receive the latest travel messages, notifications and offers. Recipients can unsubscribe at any time. A new technology has emerged within IT, which aims to help companies control the performance of contractual elements automatically and more accurately. Three-quarters of the companies surveyed on ALS for the best practices research report of the IT consulting firm Hurwitz -Associates considered the tool a priority, but only 27% of respondents felt that the data they used for WADA management was very accurate.