The same tax as the transmission on the amount covered by the deed will not be collected (a) if the amount of tax and penalty, including the tax and penalty payable for the section 34 instrument, is paid to the Court or the collector, unless the collector believes that the offence was committed for the purpose of circumventing the payment of the duty of good faith; To the extent that a dispute resolution instrument contains provisions relating to the revocation of the transaction, the amount or value of the property paid is set for tax purposes as if those provisions were not included in the instrument. Allowing an individual or group to use software is the software license. Almost all applications are licensed and not sold. There are a variety of different types of software licenses. Some are based on the number of computers on which the licensed program can be run, while others are based on the number of users who can use the program. Most pc software licenses allow you to run the program on a single computer and create copies of the software only for backup purposes. Some licenses also allow you to run the program on different computers, as long as you don`t use the copies at the same time. A software license (or utility license) is a legal instrument for the use or redistribution of copyrighted software. [3] „III A. For the registration of a document of the leave and licensing agreement, if that document relates to property, – to my knowledge, it is not such a stamp duty for intellectual property.

b) Each bank cheque is accompanied by a letter from the custodian and a calendar indicating the name of the company, the number of shares acquired, the number of distinctive/net shares and their total amount, on the basis of which stamp duty was calculated along with a copy of the corresponding contractual report of the transaction. c) the stamp used for an instrument executed by a party, on which – declaration III. – For the purposes of this article, the market value of the instruments covered in Section 2 (n) iii) (toll agreements) and Article 5, paragraph g) (lease-sale contract) is: the total value of the contract and is subject to the tax covered by Article 25, point a). [To the extent that an appropriate stamp duty is paid on a registered agreement to sell a property considered transport and a transport deed is then carried out without modification, such a promotion is treated as another instrument in accordance with Section 4 and the obligation of one hundred rupees is charged.] One of the purposes of licensing is to provide the IP holder with the opportunity to obtain quantifiable sums of money based on the use of these PIs granted by a licensee.