The Erasmus programme is the European Union`s programme of action to promote cooperation and mobility in the field of education. The University of Vienna currently has bilateral agreements with some 370 European universities and can offer students around 2,800 Erasmus places to study at these European partner universities. The apprenticeship agreement should include all the learning gains that the student must obtain during the exchange. What does the Erasmus programme offer? Participating students benefit from a simplified registration procedure at the host university, they benefit from a mobility grant and are exempt from tuition fees. Programs spent abroad can be recognized by the University of Vienna with the approval of the Directorate of Studies. Higher education institutions, not students themselves, can submit mobility projects to the national agency Erasmus Education during the application deadlines set each year. Home and host institutions need an Erasmus Higher Education Charter (ECHE) and must have a bilateral agreement. During the summer semester 2022, learning mobility will be implemented on the basis of special agreements and will be supported by the University of Vienna for up to 4 months. However, there can be no guarantee that all named students will receive assistance! Details of the application process will follow. Please ask your questions. Don`t forget to specify your nationality, the purpose of your stay and the length of your stay in Austria. For more information on the subject, visit the Page of the OeAD/Erasmus National Agency: 1) Bachelor Sportwissenschaft (also valid for Bakk). Sports Science) You`ll find out how to change your learning agreement here.

Once you have corrected the changes, you conclude the second part of the learning agreement and email it to Mr. Efremov (e-mail). The post-mobility agreement form is also generated directly on Mobility Online. With the Transcript of Records certificate, the post-mobility learning agreement serves as a request for recognition of programs spent abroad for your studies at the University of Vienna. Once your SPL has confirmed the signature recognition, download a copy of the post-mobility learning agreement and a copy of the registration protocol in Mobility Online. The ERASMUS programme is aimed at students at the University of Vienna who, at the time of their entry into office, are not in a postgraduate degree. In itself, the notification and confirmation of changes by email is sufficient. If your host university needs a new apprenticeship agreement signed by your coordinator, you can use the apprenticeship agreement during your stay. If the students` fault is not recognized or cannot be proven to the extent necessary, the mobility grant can be recovered in whole or in part. The application is done in several phases. Detailed information on the application can be found on the International Bureau`s website and information sessions.

The post-mobility learning agreement is established in Mobility Online. With the minutes of the registrations (issued by your host university), the post-mobility apprenticeship contract serves as a request for recognition of the races you have completed abroad at the University of Vienna. Once your SPL has confirmed your credits, please download a copy of the learning contract signed based on mobility and a copy of your registration protocol in Mobility Online. If you stay during the winter semester, you can extend your stay during the summer semester if you accept the host and the original university. Even if you have indicated too short a length of stay in the contract with the OeAD (z.B. the examination period was not respected during the last month of your stay), you can apply for an extension.