When you create software for customers, you should consider creating a software license agreement to protect yourself and your business. There are many reasons to have one, so if you don`t have one yet, it`s time to understand their ins and outs. The licensee should not benefit from all the guarantees, with the exception of those expressly mentioned in the license agreement. If the donor does not refuse all other guarantees, the licensee is potentially liable for the fact that the omission of the software granted is hopeless or appropriate for the purposes intended by the taker. Taxes – What does the licensee have to pay to the licensee? Can the licensee vary the fees? In the business license model, a company can acquire a license that authorizes a specified number of user rights. In such a model, a well-developed license would at least explain what constitutes a user, how users can be added and deleted, what users` rights are on different license grants, the cost of purchasing new users and the cost of purchasing the original group of users. But the choices to structure as each of these conditions would be totally dependent on the business model and the product offering made available by the software company. Therefore, if the chosen terms are deleted and inserted from an inconsistent form agreement, it is almost certain that the terms chosen will be wrong and make no sense. The licensee grants the licensee a non-exclusive and non-transferable license for the use of the software and documentation only for internal exploitation on the site or environment and (2) to copy the software and documentation only for archiving or backup purposes, provided that all titles, trademarks and all copyright mentions , ownership and restrictions are reproduced in all of these copies and all copies are subject to the terms of this Agreement. The first paragraph of each story should follow the convention „who, what, when and where.“ A well-developed licensing agreement will also follow this method. We ensure that the activity elements of the deal (what is conceded, the cost of the license, the volume and duration of the license) are included directly after the definition section. You will be pleased to know that the main business elements of the agreement are addressed close to the front of the agreement, thus avoiding that you will have to pay page by page to find the price of the software or the terms of payment. The licensee explains to the licensee that: (1) during the warranty period, the software works without error; and (2) When notifying the licensee during the defect warranty period, the licensee, during its normal working hours and at no cost to the licensee, will make reasonable efforts to correct reproducible and verifiable errors by the licensee, with the exception of errors caused by the use of the software that did not comply with the specifications.

Limitation of liability – To what extent are the parties` potential commitments under the agreement limited by the nature of the loss in question? Consider whether the licensee should award compensation to the licensee for intellectual property and materials provided by the licensee.