All roommates are expected to complete and revise a roommate agreement, which is available from your Community Assistant/Community Mentor. Situations where attempts to resolve conflicts have not been successful may require participation in mediation, especially if you request a transfer/modification of space. What if I want to change rooms or roommates after choosing my rooms and roommates? One of the most important and dynamic relationships of residence is between roommates. This relationship requires personal adjustments to learn to live with another person in a limited space. You and your roommate are responsible for resolving conflicts that arise. Remember, a good roommate relationship requires constant attention and care. The important elements of a successful roommate relationship are: All roommates (and/or suitemates) must approve the animal by written confirmation. If all the occupants of the common space do not agree, the student with the animal is transferred administratively to another unit. It`s never too late to learn how to resolve conflicts. Whether you`ve lived six weeks or six months with your roommate, creating a dialogue with your roommate to solve problems is much more effective at improving your life situation than any other practice. Contracts between roommates often include: What do I need to bring for the move? Bring your own towels, pillows, bed linen (see your inner side for sizes), a non-halogen desk lamp, fan, computer, surge protection and personal first aid kit. Once you`ve received your collection information this summer, look for the full list of proposed items.

This summer will also be a good time to check with the roommates and discover who will share larger objects. Unauthorized items: candles, toasters, George Foreman barbecues, portable heaters, pets. Visit university residency policies for the full list of prohibited items. „Communicating with roommates can be a challenge.“ Illustration published on Thursday 22.02.2018. You can always create groups of roommates, choose your own room and menu on the residential portal. You can change your space allocation on the apartment gate until the beginning of May. All changes that cannot be taken into account prior to the move must be filed in September in the form of a room transfer request. You must arrive at the moving date of the residence to which you were assigned, even if you request another room.

Making the most of your roommate experience starts before you even move in. During the process of selecting roommates, the decision to live with random people reduces the risk of losing an existing friendship and facilitates the search for new friends. If you feel you are being treated unfairly, finding a solution is your right, but the charge can lead to an escalation of the conflict. Instead, try to have an honest discussion and listen to what your roommates have to say. What ASU students can do to create positive roommate relationships, they have decided to move on their own. You and your roommate will find a wonderful place to live, you couldn`t be happier. To help you keep your relationship with your roommate happy, here is some information you can find beneficial in defining your commitments to each other. The general considerations and issues that need to be considered when selecting a roommate are presented below. Your choice of roommates will affect you, consent to live with someone is a great commitment. Here are some questions that you should discuss frankly and honestly to have a successful life experience.

We strongly discourage animals in homes. Only a family housing licensee can apply for a pet.