It`s true! I`m not sure I understand the purpose of the „link.“ The word „binding“ means „adhere“ /paste/paste/paste/paste.“ So you have a „glue“ that doesn`t work. A contractual loan, also known as Performance Bond, is a guarantee loan that is a project-specific guarantee between a contractor and its rental party, known as a bond. Work contracts may require the contractor to secure a contractual loan prior to the start of the work to ensure that the contracting person is carrying out the work in accordance with its contractual obligations. Insurance companies are looking for a high credit rating, no outstanding amount, zero bankruptcy, etc. If the report contains negative credit activity, the contractor can continue to benefit from a guarantee loan with the assistance of the Small Business Administration (SBA) by providing guarantees. Jet does not offer these alternatives to traditional contractual borrowing. Oblige/owner: Who is the beneficiary of the loan? It`s pretty simple when the obligated is a public institution like the state, the county or a city. Be specific about the department or office. The warranty will have the experience of many departments and they do not all have the same characteristics. If the obligated is a private company, try to provide security information about the type of business it is, who the owners are, etc. What`s your address? The federal state, the federal states and the municipalities need a contract based on the size of the project. Under the Miller Act of 1935, any federal construction project awarded for $150,000 or more requires a benefit obligation (contract).

Many states have adopted similar requirements. Private sector companies have also made contractual obligations for certain jobs mandatory to ensure their protection against financial losses suffered by the contractor. Hand-working: This information is often lacking in many loan applications. This figure represents the holder`s workload at the time of the loan application. The number required is the estimated cost to complete all outstanding work. If the contractor. B has a contract worth $100,000, and 90% of the contract is 90%, the estimated cost of the contract is approximately $10,000. The number of registration data is often an estimate, unless the contractor performs monthly work and can provide specific information. No matter how it is presented, working on hand information is an important part of the inerwriting process.

It indicates the contractor`s current exposure, the size of the working capital and net assets of the contractor at this time, whether the contractor has sufficient staff or equipment to handle additional work, etc. We need to know how much of the unfinished business is bound by us and by others, and how much is not related. Maintenance loan – A separate loan, sometimes required for public projects covered for defects and errors for a certain period after the project closes.