Compliance is intrinsically linked to entry orders (IOs) between advertisers and advertising networks or agencies, as well as commands (PO) between the Agency or the network and publishers (or several networks and aggregators in between). Unfortunately, this means that your tracking and analytics platform cannot provide significant technical assistance to combat these types of systems. However, there are several digital advertising security platforms, such as BrandVerity, WhiteOps and Integral AdScience, that can provide protection and detection for general compliance issues. Let`s move through the first 6 ad network compliance issues that publishers face, and how to solve them to maximize your advertising spending for growth goals: This mobile network publishing agreement („Publisher Agreement“) is an agreement between Services LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware, Amazon Services International, Inc., a Delaware company , Amazon Core Europe S. r.l., and with a head office in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (individually, an „Amazon party“ and, with its related companies, „Amazon,“ „us,“ „our“ or „unser“) and you (if you register as an individual) or the entity you represent (if you register as a company), in both cases, as a candidate („you“). This publisher agreement, as well as the program hardware licensing agreement (the „PMLA“), contains the conditions that govern your participation in the Mobile Ad Network (the „program“). „Your Mobile Properties“ refers to all mobile real estate owned by them, that are operated or controlled by you and that are authorized to participate in the program. „Amazon Plug-in“ refers to a plug-in between Amazon Mobile`s Ads API and any software provided by a third party. You and we are sometimes generally referred to as „party“ and collectively „gone.“ 3.2.6 obtain, maintain and operate all third-party hardware, software, networks, systems and services (z.B. Internet access) necessary to operate the publisher`s website (s), (ii) use network tags, (iii) display advertising, (iv) access Snack Media Network services and not prevent them from running the services; „SMARTYADS Network“ is the advertising network that is part of SMARTYADS and is operated by SMARTYADS. „Personal data“ has the meaning described in Section 1(1) of the DPA and relates only to personal data or some of that personal data provided by Snack Media as part of this agreement. 14. Various comprehensive agreements; changes.

The agreement is the entirety of our agreement regarding your use of the services. This agreement may be amended or as defined in Section 4 if you continue to use the Services after MAN has amended the agreement. The publishing house active in the context of VerusMedia Network undertakes to compensate and compensate VerusMedia, its parent company, subsidiaries, directors, directors, directors and collaborators, legal damages, unforeseen expenses, commitments, copyright violations and other penalties that may result from its participation in the network. The publisher also undertakes to compensate VerusMedia for all legal costs incurred by VerusMedia pursuant to the agreement. Transfer of assignment. The rights and obligations you have to assume under this Agreement cannot be transferred without the prior approval of SmartyAds. SmartyAds may transfer its rights and obligations under this Agreement at any time without sending you prior notification. When such an assignment is made, SmartyAds will be relieved of all assigned obligations and the agent will begin to fulfill those obligations.

validity. If a provision of this agreement is considered invalid or unenforceable, it is deemed to be dissociable and does not affect other provisions of this agreement.